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Client: Energy Counselling Group. Inc

In the year 2004 I met Mr Stewart Harvey. At that time one of
my companys was involved in the direct sales business in
Eastern Canada marketing to the after car market.

As a former Sales Manager after just a few minutes
conversation I realised that his approach was so very different
to mine.

I introduced him to my sales force and could see instantly a
positive reaction in the group and in the field when it came to
selling a product.

His vision and his approach to the art of selling is direct.
simple and very efficient.

I traveled with him in Europe to open markets there and once
again his way of opening doors was amazing. This I did not
expect. His unique way of doing things will have your sales force
taking care of opening negotiations and taking the process of
selling to its conclusion no matter what your product.

Learning from him can lead to making your sales force
successful and happy which in turn leads to a positive closing
and a happy customer.

With gratitude and much admiration

Marc Beaulac MBA

Energy Counselling Group. Inc
Quebec Canada