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Client: Wayne Roberts

I have known Stewart Harvey for 25 years probably the longest
of all of the referees. My first introduction to Stewart was
indicative of his generosity towards one of my listeners children
suffering, and he did not hesitate to offer his restaurant free of
charge with no publicity to assist the family.
His life then took many turns in the food industry winning
many restaurant awards.

Most people in their lifetime will have a good idea, very few
make it work. Stewart Harvey got an idea, risked everything
and succeeded.

His knowledge and understanding of what makes things
saleable comes from travelling more air miles than Air Force 1
and more road miles in a week than Lewis & Clark did in a year.

I’ve met a lot of interesting people in my line of work and
Stewart Harvey is one hell of a story.

Wayne Roberts

Professional Broadcaster ( 40 Years) and Property Developer.
Queensland Australia.