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Dramatically Improve The Effectiveness of your Sales Reps, and their Sales Results through Coaching and Training, with Stewart Wilms-Harvey

I am proud to say I have been a friend of Stewart Harvey’s for
the last four years.

He has an integrity and a motivation to succeed where most fail.
He generates a positive attitude and upon entering a room can
change the atmosphere from one of negative to a really ” I can do this ”

For years he has travelled the world selling his goods which
clearly demonstrates to me his ability to relate to all markets
and adapt to the local surrounds and it is this which has made
him such a success.

Above all is a great listener who can communicate with people
from all walks of life.

Public speaking for him is a natural and in this new venture I am
sure he will succeed just like he has in the past

Robert Coleman
Colemans Autohouse
Nova Scotia, Canada

As a Sales Coach, I have knowledge and understanding of what makes things saleable.
My vision and approach to the art of selling is direct, simple and very efficient.

I can skillfully and without threat take a prospect to a buying decision in mere minutes. I have selling skills and my ability to ask the correct questions and to handle objections without threat are uncanny.